. N: Ƹ°: °:
337 Foundation Citizenship Daily Probation Center
229 Center for Economic and Legal Analysis Raising the legal Awareness and Capacity of Vulnerable and Advocacy Groups for Influence Legislative Process by Elaboration and Widening in Regional Scale the Early Warning System "Legiswath"
299 Women's Alliance for Development Capacity Building of Employers, NGOs and Trade Unions for Implementation of the Law on Protection against Discrimination
349 Foundation for Bulgarian Literature Models of Social Entrepreneurship
475 Center for social practices Creating an efficient for establishing and successful operation of the ombudsman institution in the tree regions of south-eastern planning area
527 Regional association of municipalities "Trakia" Citizen monitoring on the environment in municipalities of Yambol region
207 Association Club for Youth Initiatives Integration through Art
7 Step by Step Foundation Together for the Child - Model for Prevention and Re-integration of children in Risk
300 Association of Young Lawyers Regional Anti-corruption Initiative in Veliko Tarnovo and Lovech
350 Foundation Centre of Tourism and Entrepreneurship, Strumjani New basic administrative skills for the new administrations of small border municipalities in Bulgaria - training through best practices and presentation of EU success stories
79 Maria Center Association Empowerment of Young People Grown up, Educated and Taken Care in Institution
160 University Foundation - Plovdiv Establishment of Local Capacity in Long-term Marginalized Target Groups in Project Management
267 The Balkan Center for Research and Training in Law Political and Social Science Regional Ombudsman
367 Regional Association of the Municipalities "Central Stara Plannina" Adoption of European Ecological standards in the Municipalities in the Central Stara Planina Region
401 Children first Development on focus
168 FAR Foundation Registrating and Support National Scheme for Environmental management and Auditing for Organisations Connected with Waste Management
216 International Institute of Management Our Enemy is Corruption not Governance
360 National Association of the municipalities "Yantra" Practical methods for social integration of marginalised and vulnerable groups in municipalities of Gorna Orjahovitsa and Polsky trumpet on equal terms with citizens
393 Sysco Set Foundation Support of Social Integration of Specialists Suffering Long Term Unemployment and Graduating Students
16 Open Society Club - Stara Zagora Hope
88 Institute for Public Environment Development Gate for Public Access to Municipal Transactions
406 Consultative Forum for Public Information Intermediation My Personal Life Project after leaving the Institution for Raising the Educating of Children Deprived from Parents Care
96 NGO Egida Our Society: Lets Live Together
169 Association for Social Initiativeness Club for Consultation and Information - Samokov, Dolna Banja
386 Association for regional initiative Roman culture, history and folklore and their price in Bulgarian society
445 ETP foundation-Sustainable development project Regional partnership for sustainable integrated waste management in municipalities of south central region
64 Association EcoArk Nature 2000 Information Campaign
186 Global Balkans Foundation Modus Vivendi - Regional Center for Social Integration of Youths, Leaving Orphanage Houses
403 Foundation Diplomat-Balkan Centre Public private partnership for local development
464 Regional development fund - Veliko Tarnovo For children of Bulgaria
101 Association for Social Development and Integration Encouraging the Private Initiative in the Unemployed Young People from the Minorities and Young People in Unequal Social Situation in Varna
222 Fair Chance Association Mesta - Chepino Regional Initiative for Integration of Minorities
49 Association "Mission New Generation Romas" The Health and Knowledge Together
177 Right of Defence Foundation Solidarity and Social Integration of Refugees and Migrants
347 Public Health Association Model for Vocational Rehabilitation for Unemployed People with Mental Health Problems
363 Vocational Educational and Training EPA 21st century Training of Women Prisoners for Acquiring Mindset for new Life by Person deprived of Liberty for a Long Time
20 Club Journalists against Corruption Caring out of Public and Media Monitoring over the Work of Administration on Regional Level for Fulfilment of Public and Citizens Control
98 Alliance for Regional Cooperation and Development A Hand of Help for the Vulnerable
150 Arcadia Association Local Strategies for Equal Opportunities of the Persons with Disabilities in the Municipalities of Biala Slatina, Vratza and Mezdra
394 Community Center "Grigorii Tzamblak" Support to the Institutions to Persons without Parental Care and to their Graduates trough Granting Expert and Technical Assistance
517 Savore foundation New Chance
137 European and Social Initiative Foundation Kids Center for Social Integration
230 High-tech Business Incubator Association Identification Monitoring and Prevention of Corruption Practices in Small and Medium Business at Local Level
533 Democratic association ISKAM DA ZNAM (Want to know) - Shumen Decreasing the corruption's process throught the practises against corruption attachment and the centre against the corruption founding in Shumen and its projection in the closest area
30 Vega Foundation Consultative Center for One Parent Families
106 International Educational consultation centre Green light for disabled people in Rodopi and Trakia regions
149 Foundation "Bulgarian Spiritual Reborn" Lets Rise Our Trade Culture a Step for Faster Integration on the European Market
539 "Regional Fond - IGA" foundation Anticorruption network in the Pazardjik region
12 Yambol Chamber of Commerce and Industry Social Framework for European Conduct
504 Bulgarian red cross With care for people in unequal conditions - a social integration center for elderly people ad people with disabilities
537 Jurisdiction council for European integration (JCEI) Local ombudsman - civil society defender